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New Delhi To Allahabad Air India Flights

New Delhi To Allahabad Air India Flights

A Journey to Colorful Allahabad to Attend My Cousin’s Wedding Ceremony

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As I had to attend a cousin’s marriage in Allahabad, it booked tickets to the city on Air India, using the carrier’s online booking system. I opted for Air India as the carrier offered quick and frequent fights to the city and offered very affordable rates. Ticket booking was done through the carrier’s online booking system.

My Journey on the Lovely Air India Carrier Was Comfortable

Air India is the national carrier of the country and one that stands in the third position in the domestic flight market. The carrier is known for providing the highest quality passenger comforts and facilities. Operating from its hubs in Delhi and Mumbai, it runs flights to 92 destinations.

New Delhi To Allahabad Air India Flights | Image Resource:

Initiated in 1946, it has over the past decades, established itself as a leading carrier. Offering vital connectivity to India from the rest of the world, it is the airline to opt for those who want to journey to the country from foreign locations.

The carrier’s has now started a nonstop flight san Francisco from New Delhi, which is the longest commercial direct flight. It enables people to directly journey to the city from India, enjoying a quick and comfortable journey as and when required.

The airline is also a member of the prestigious star Alliance team through which it offers travelers access to those locations not directly serviced by it. The carrier has a vast domestic network, covering about 51 cities.

It is the only carrier to established connectivity to so many locations, thus enabling people to journey to such places as and when required through nonstop flights.  It offers travelers the choice between first, business and economy seats and offers delicious cuisine as well as in-flight entertainment. Through its Flying returns program it offers greater perks and benefits for travelers.

The carrier’s New Delhi to Allahabad flights are nonstop and held throughout the week. My journey on the carrier was short and comfortable. Once the flight landed in the Allahabad airport, I was received at the exit by my uncle, who took me to his home.

Experience at the Wedding Venue Was Simply Awesome!

At my uncle’s home, I was warmly greeted by my aunt and her relatives. I enjoyed a lovely lunch after which we all sat down to discuss important issues related to my cousin’s wedding, which was going to take place the following day.

At the wedding we all participated in the function, taking up activities that were a part of the various ceremonies that constituted the event. After the marriage ceremony was over, we all enjoyed a sumptuous feast. We all stayed in the wedding venue or a couple of more hours, after which we returned to my uncle’s home. I then packed up for the return journey.